Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Name Year Organization Thesis
Hong, Kun Ho 2014.08 LG전자 Throughput Enhancement based on Channel Utilization for IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Kim, Mun Suk 2016.02 미국표준기술연구소(NIST) Fast Handover Management for Network Mobility in Vehicular Networks
Kim, Ye Na 2016.02 미국표준기술연구소(NIST) SCTP-based Reliable Transport Protocols for Multi-homed Wireless Networks
Lee, Seung Seob 2019.08 Yale University


Master of Science (M.Sc)

Name Year Organization Thesis
Kim, Ho Jin 2008.02 삼성전자 Improving TCP Performance for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Chung, Won Sik 2008.02 LG유플러스 Dynamic MAP Selection Schemes to Improve Performance of HMIPv6 Networks
Han, Kyung Wan 2009.02 삼성전자 The Research of NEMO Protocol in MIPv6-PMIPv6 Environments
Kim, Jung Hun 2009.08 한국신용평가정보원 Reliable Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Kwon, Hyung Tae 2010.02 삼성전자 A Study on Energy Efficient Topology for Body Area Network
Jung, Hyun Jae 2010.02 LG전자 Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Kim, Min Gi 2010.08 우리금융그룹 FIS Extended Route Optimization Scheme for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Networks
Jeon, Jae Sung 2011.08 LG디스플레이 Efficient Bulk Registration Scheme in PMIPv6 Based Vehicular Networks
Lee, Jin Soo 2011.08 LG에릭슨 Packet Bicasting in Fast Handovers for PMIPv6
Moon, Sang Dae 2012.02 현대모비스 A Shared Slot MAC Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
Yoon, Yeong Seok 2012.02   An Efficient ZigBee MAC Protocol for Smart Grid Home Area Network
Ahn, Tae Hyoung 2014.02 삼성전자 Dynamic Resource Allocation in Distributed Cloud Computing
Kim, Sung Hyun 2015.02 네이버 Hotspot Mitigation Algorithm Based on Migration Time in Cloud Data Center
Yi, Tae Hun 2015.02 현대H. S Producer Mobility Support for Named Data Networking
Shin, Sae Mi 2015.08 현대모비스 Deadline-Guaranteed Cloud Resource Allocation for Cost Minimization
Shin, Hae Yeon 2015.08 연세대학교 박사과정 A Backoff Counter Reservation Scheme  for Performance Improvement in WBANs
Park, Kyeong Deuk 2016.02    
Kim, HyunDong 2016.08 티맥스소프트  




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